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Ecophon® Akusto™ One SQ

Platinum Award
Ecophon® Akusto™ One SQ is a frameless wall panel with fully painted edges. It features outstanding sound absorption that makes it well-suited for open plan offices, classrooms, libraries, conference rooms, restaurants and other commercial building and space applications that require noise attenuation. Ecophon® Akusto™ One SQ is available in square, rectangular and circle shapes, in addition to a number of design-forward colors and finishes. This allows architects and interior designers to combine different formats and colors to create expressive patterns and unique installations.


Ecophon® Akusto™ One SQ features 71% recycled content and contributes to LEED® v4 in seven categories. These include MR: PBT Source Reduction (Healthcare), EQ: Acoustic Performance, EQ: Prerequisite Minimum Acoustic Performance (Schools), EQ: Low-Emitting Materials, MR: Sourcing Raw Materials, MR: Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and MR: Construction and Demolition Waste Management Planning. It is also independently certified compliant with California Department of Public Health CDPH/EHLB/Standard Method Version 1.2, 2017. Finally, the fiberglass substrate is inherently resistant to the growth of mold and mildew.






1) Akusto™ One SQ reduces echoes and improves speech clarity within a room. 2) Endless design possibilities with different formats and colors allow designers to create various patterns. 3) Quick installation with two options to fix panels to the wall. 4) Frameless panels with fully painted white or gray edges. 5) Smooth, Texona fabric surface is available in a variety of colors. 6) Texona surface supports UV curable ink-jet printing of images (by a professional printer)

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