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Cherry Blossom PACE

Healthcare never takes a “one size fits all” approach. The design of a healthcare community shouldn’t either. Our work on Cherry Blossom PACE was created to meet the complex demands of end-users with diverse cognitive and health challenges.

In collaborating with Cherry Blossom PACE on their new PACE Center, we helped to facilitate the development of a new model of the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) to bring into the community. 

The PACE model offers an alternative to nursing home care for many eligible older people. The amenities and services of the Cherry Blossom center go above and beyond traditional programs, designed to support the needs of the elderly community – especially the challenges of caring for individuals with dementia.

The Cherry Blossom Center reflects the model of “comprehensive, integrated, community-based, and person-centered care” in its design, layout, and finishes which all reflect a deep understanding of PACE participants’ comforts and mindset.

The Cherry Blossom Center’s design balances practical needs with the many challenges of aging. Accessibility is key, and the Center’s design included the addition of a prefabricated new entry specifically for the client. The traditional commercial design approach was not an option for Cherry Blossom PACE, which deeply integrates the comforts of home.

Cherry Blossom PACE Center is the intersection of healthcare, comfort, and hospitality supported by a conscientious design for the community it serves.

The Design Process

In collaboration with Edenbridge Health, we designed for the sensitive needs of the elderly, particularly for those with cognitive impairments. Touchpoints down to the smallest details were incorporated in every room:

  • The Cherry Blossom PACE Center has a warm, settled, home away from home feeling, creating a sense of calm and comfort for the community members.
  • An abundance of single-stall restrooms were installed throughout the center for ease of accessibility. Within each restroom, toilets were positioned to maximize privacy.
  • Amenities such as warm towel holders in the shower stalls add a comforting touch.
  • The high contrast of select finishes against the fixtures makes them more recognizable. For example, in the restrooms and showers, the grab bars near the toilet and towel bars are black, an intentionally stark contrast to the softer wall and tile colors to further ease the burden of the experience of the elderly community it serves.
  • The Center was finished in simple tones and patterns to avoid confusion and disorientation, and contrast was critical on different surface plains for distinction.
  • Instead of “accent walls” in commercial spaces, many of the rooms are finished with accent colors on all walls within a room to create an inviting and familiar space.

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