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Best of 2021
Renowned architects Baranowitz + Kronenberg (B+K) have designed a masterful space for Tel Aviv’s experts in quartz and porcelain surfacing, Caesarstone est. 1987. The Caesarstone Concept House will be a multifaceted and multi-sensorial meeting place for design aficionados to exchange ideas and make connections — serving as a catalyst for great design.Caesarstone encourages innovation and sets industry trends through its unique textures, finishes and radical new designs. Mirroring this cutting-edge approach, B+K’s design concept pushes beyond the traditional retail function to consider the emotions, senses and holistic experience of guests. The space engages customers through the striking presentation of materials introducing layered platforms of experiences that ignite the imaginations of lifestyle and design enthusiasts. A highlight of the design is the dynamic stone swing positioned in the entrance, which coaxes the eye up towards the onsite coffee bar.While an open plan prevails, B+K have created a series of ‘rooms’ generated by raised levels that are strikingly different yet fluidly connected; a design trademark of the studio, stamped on The Caesarstone Concept House. The spatial arrangement ascends in elevations allowing multiple events to take place simultaneously and effortlessly, allowing guests to feel at liberty to join in as they please. A cinema box is established through the use of glass panels. Monochromatic tones flow throughout the space, emphasised by a repetition of ‘Concrete Grey’ leaving Caesarstone’s vibrant collection to punctuate the sleek grey plane. The products displayed start with existing bespoke pieces from Caesarstone's past collaborations with various artists, combined with B+K’s own custom designs and ready-to-buy seating pieces which make up the ‘Living Room’ space. The lighting scheme follows the notion of the space as a big open house, keeping a uniform style to build an effortless and seamless atmosphere, bolstering the absent-present relationship within the different rooms of the house. Superficially minimalist, on further inspection guests can see the ways in which B+K have amplified the space with intelligent details; note the reflective ceiling and enveloped walls. Photography by Assaf Pinchuk

Baranowitz + Kronenberg Architecture is the interior design and architecture studio of Irene Kronenberg and Alon Baranowitz based in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. For the past twenty years, the studio has become renowned for creating hotels, restaurants, and public and commercial spaces that attract modern nomads and locals alike. B+K Architecture has proven able to turn historical landmarks and rough, sometimes inaccessible spaces into instant design classics that are open and welcoming, drawing on the stories of the past. With their unique contextual awareness, they are not only keeping local history relevant but are also serving the needs of global cities of the 21st century.

Irene Kronenberg and Alon Baranowitz have developed a narrative-driven mode of developing their designs which gives context and meaning to what would otherwise be a collection of easily forgettable facts, things, and places. They are storytellers. Drawing implicitly on the sensuous connection between life, selves, history, memory, craftsmanship, and experience, the choices B+K Architecture make in every act of design embody this connection in a fresh way.

Among their projects are The Sir Joan Hotel and W Hotel in Ibiza, The Sir Albert, and W Hotel and Spa in  Amsterdam, Sir Victor Hotel in Barcelona, the Mad Fox club and the Duchess Restaurant in Amsterdam, and award-winning restaurants Topolopompo, Jaffa-Tel Aviv, and Pastel Brasserie in The Museum of Modern Art Tel Aviv.

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