Located on 16th level of sea homes is this 2800 sq. ft home designed by Anjali Rawat Architects. This home by the sea plays with the monotonous textures complimenting each other throughout. Bayview, is a clean lined, free flowing four-bedroom abode on the sea line of Mumbai. The house is welcomed with the breath of fresh air as living room is spilled out with the balcony giving pristine & airy feel with palette of muted hues, statement furniture and a marble cladding with blush sofa, with stone on the flooring and for coffee tables and even on dining table to give not too much but a bit of a bold effect. The design gives a contoured forms & rich textile that matches the surreal beauty of the atmosphere. The marble is chosen as an elegant, smooth and in neutrally looking aspects. The terrace view offers a soothing sea view with a cosy seating area. This private deck outside offers the perfect place to relax and unwind. The bedrooms are designed in minimally sophisticated elegant way. Dining area is designed in such a way that design revolves around improvising social interaction and connection, it brings a sense of joy. It features a customised marble dining table and acts as a focal point to the layout. Master bedroom has a wash of taupe all over with a stone cladding behind the bed which energises the mood in a neutral manner with wooden monologue. Master bathroom has a beautiful detailing of mosaic art which we have seen in ancient times too, this mosaic art even if being an ancient trend it still looks modern in this modern house and it gives a perfect blend of glamour and glamour. Kids bedroom doesn’t give a kiddish feeling but its beautifully turned out with the soft blue accent wall with a simple statement artifact and a bespoke light which completed the look. The interplay of materials and forms makes the bathroom give a unique look. Guest bedroom is a neutral palette interspersed with the warmth of tones accentuated by the pop colour through the art and furniture gives rise to a sophisticated interior and a simple neat clean mosaic fitting giving a right amount of bling. The complete interiors is an impulse towards a simplicity.
In this house every piece of furniture is been customised in India, were no brands are used, every fabric is handpicked. The focus is more on the function and the flow of the space. There has been given special attention to the detailing and it’s really important to put the whole and soul in any project which helps in making the home truly warm and feel the essence of it.
Straight lines, open layout, colours, greenery and art converts this apartment into a luxurious oasis. The idea was to create an illusion of softly lit space with a fresh colour and textures. The marble and veneer make it look very dreamy and light. A combination of materials – veneers, mirrors, tinted glass, marbles, are used to create the touch which was visualised. This home explores variety of materials and finishes.
Clean strong lines, Experimentation in material, textures and colours are evidently seen in the projects, Process -driven innovations and a strong sense of spatial quality, are core strengths that render our designed spaces timelessly. Whether it is a home or an office, we create spaces that nurture and inspire the people who inhabit these spaces. For us, constraint is an opportunity – it allows us to pay attention to the details, keep an eye on the budget concerns, and obtain optimal results on each project. The spaces created by ARA speaks volumes about sensitivity and aesthetics and are user friendly and practical at the same time. Anjali Rawat is a staunch lover of art, history and loves travelling. This has a direct influence on her style of design and vision.

Name of practice: Anjali Rawat Architects
Name of founder(s)/principal(s): Anjali Rawat
Instagram handles that need to be tagged: anjalirawat_architects

Anjali Rawat Architects


B-10, Mercury ,Suncity Complex
Powai, Mumbai MH 400076
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