Weather Shield Bi-fold Door

Platinum Award
Weather Shield’s Premium Series bi-fold door has a striking appearance inside and out, and offers architects and designers flexibility to customize the door to complement their plans. The 1-3/4” or 2-1/4" thick accordion-style door is available in configurations from two to eight panels and can accommodate openings as wide as 23’. Its stiles and rails can be specified at 5-1/4” for a more traditional aesthetic or the narrow 3-1/4” stiles and rails offered in the Contemporary Collection. The door is available in 12 standard, 47 designer or custom-matched aluminum clad exterior colors. A choice of 7 interior wood species can be painted or stained in one of multiple finishes at the factory. In the Contemporary Collection, the bi-fold door is also available with a factory-applied metallic finish to the outside as well as an ultra-smooth enamel finish inside for the sheen look of steel or aluminum.


The bi-fold door has several sustainable/green features:
1. All of the wood used by Weather Shield is sourced from managed forests. FSC-certified wood can be specified.
2. Zo-e-shield glazing packages deliver energy efficiency and protection from UV rays. Packages available on the bi-fold door include Zo-e-shield 5 (with two panes of glass, one argon-gas-filled airspace, a warm-edge spacer and multiple layers of Low-E coating), Zo-e-shield 5 Extreme (with an additional Extreme coating layered atop the Low-E coating applied to Zo-e-shield 5 glazing), Zo-e-shield 6, with a third pane of glass and laminated interlayer; and Zo-e-shield 7 (three panes of glass, two gas-filled airspaces, multiple layers of Low-E coating and a warm-edge spacer).
3. Low/no-VOC and HAP paints and finishes.


None (yet).


Varies by size and specifications.


The bi-fold door features a zero-threshold sill, which makes the door practical for ADA-compliant uses.

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