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Custom Inserts for Stainless Steel Doors
Custom Inserts for Stainless Steel Cabinet Doors


All products produced in our plant are certified as "green".




Custom on a per project


Stainless steel Doors can be custom sized and etching of steel is available. The insert can be any type of glass or plastic and may also be etched. When insert is transparent or translucent the interior of the cabinet can be backlit to show interesting lighting effects.
Lasertron Inc.
Established in 1979, Lasertron has become the premier manufacturer of Stainless Steel Cabinets, and a pioneer in Decorative Architectural Steel in the United States. Housed in its own 19,000 sq ft facility in Sunrise, Florida, Lasertron is on the cutting edge of technology while constantly maintaining an environmentally green facility.
Recognized as America's premier manufacturer and supplier of premium stainless steel cabinets Lasertron is able to fulfill any design specifications for Stainless Steel Cabinets. From simple brushed design, glass, etched, or even incorporating your artwork, Lasertron will produce your cabinets to custom specifications often at stock prices. Cabinets are made specifically for your installation, not hung and then finished with fillers. Once you see our installations, the quality, beauty, and design of our cabinets is apparent.
Address: 14251 NW 4th St
City: Sunrise
State: FL
Zip: 33325
Country: United States
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Lasertron Inc.
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