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TUF STUF™ Plank You Very Much™ Resilient Sheet

Platinum Award
TUF STUF™ Plank You Very Much™ Commercial Resilient Sheet Flooring. One of the most realistic wood grained resilient sheet floors available today, Plank You Very Much™ was specially designed to mirror the wood plank floors of years past. Short planks were removed in favor of longer plank lengths and clear graining to create a cleaner, more linear look. Plank You Very Much™compliments cabinetry and other room finishes perfectly.


• Antifungal, antibacterial Nano-Silver technology• No buff floors mean no bacteria, dust or wax particles are thrown into the air during cleaning• No odors from floor finish or strippers; no wax flushed into sewer system• 55% post-consumer recycled content


$24.95/SY delivered


• 2.3 mm (0.090”)• 12-year wear limited warranty• Ideal for Retail, Hospitality, Corporate, Academic/Educational, Healthcare and Senior Living Environments

Shannon Specialty Floors is the source for dependable, durable and beautiful commercial resilient flooring, delivered with uncompromising quality and service. Since 1921, that's been more than our mission, it's been our promise. When your reputation is on the line, we deliver for you.

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