Paragon Solid Hardwood with Diamond 10® Technology
Armstrong Flooring, the leader in hardwood flooring, delivers a hardwood collection built from top to bottom as the ultimate in durability. A paragon of durability – the model of excellence in performance, beauty and innovation in hardwood floors. Diamond 10® Technology creates a powerful layer of scratch protection – a strong, protective system infused with cultured diamonds to form the hardest traffic and wear-resistant barrier for a scratch and stain resistant floor. Diamonds are nature’s hardest substance – think about industrial diamond tools – they’re indestructible. Armstrong Flooring has harnessed that same strength and durability by infusing Paragon solid hardwood with the same diamond particles that not only make it incredibly durable against family traffic, pets, scratches and scuffs, but easy to clean by repelling dirt and spills. The patent-pending technology of Diamond 10 makes Paragon hardwood floors more scratch resistant than traditional hardwood floors. Exclusive Diamond 10 Technology from Armstrong Flooring creates a powerful layer of scratch protection without clouding the beauty of the hardwood underneath. Today’s most in-demand colors and textures are carefully combined to accentuate the beautiful light grains and even tones of premium solid hardwood. Select from three popular looks, all featuring Diamond 10 Technology for the #1 choice in scratch protection.


Paragon with Diamond 10® Technology is constructed exclusively from 100% Solid Appalachian hardwood - its organic beauty, strength and quality provide the durability needed to last a lifetime.




The product was just introduced October 2017.
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