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Batinau Design Group, Team 7 Media Center
MEDIA CENTER. Picture perfect in natural wood Here is the impeccable symbiosis of nature and high tech in a stunning new European design: the Media Center from Team 7. Conceived to complement the CUBUS and BE living room series, this superb piece is the result of Team 7 and SONY engineers working in concert to create something extraordinary. Blending modern aesthetics, functionality and thoughtful ergonomics, the center is as beautiful to view as it is to use. The solid wood panel ‚¬â€ offering enough space to comfortably mount a 42  flat screen ‚¬â€ swivels in both directions to provide perfect viewing from every seat. The latest indirect ambient lighting technology ensures optimal contrast while making the Media Center a pleasing focal point. Below the screen are clear or colored solid glass shelves with ample space for video and audio components. Messy cables and connectors are gone, thanks to a cleverly designed stainless steel back cover that hides all from view. This innovation assures good looks both front and back, allowing the unit to serve as a handsome stand-alone or room divider. Whether powered up or at rest, the Media Center fills a room with visual excitement ‚¬â€ precisely how Team 7 Design Director, Karl Auer, envisioned it. The contrast created by wrapping high-tech coolness in the natural warmth of solid wood is what gives this design such impact. Offered in three sizes and two depths, the Media Center can be yours in Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Alder, Beech or Core Beech. Exclusive U.S. distributor of the Team 7 line is the Batinau Design Group, delighting America with beautiful hardwood furniture from abroad ‚¬â€ all customized to your specifications and delivered without delay. Let Batinau put picture perfect design in your life with the Media Center. On view at and


Advantages of all-natural, solid hardwoods: Wood breathes and improves room climate by regulating humidity. Wood is antistatic and dust repellent. Each piece is individual in color and structure. Stains can be easily removed. Scratches and dents can be easily repaired. Extremely durable – built for generations!
Batinau Design Group
Batinau Design Group has its humble beginnings in Europe, where its founders discovered the timeless, natural beauty of solid hardwood furnishings, manufactured using ecologically sound production methods. They saw a need in America for natural, hardwood furniture of this style and quality, using the same sustainable manufacturing processes. Today Batinau brings exquisite, all-natural, customizable modern furnishings made from the finest quality hardwoods to the North American market. Product quality and ecological responsibility are top priorities for our fine furniture manufacturers. Our furniture brings natural style and comfort to any home or office setting. At Batinau Design Group, your satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to fill American homes and offices with truly inspirational furnishings. We are constantly expanding our product lines of fine furniture and accessories. All Batinau Design Group products share these qualities: • High quality construction and the finest craftsmanship for pieces that last • Award winning, modern design that never goes out of style • Customized options without delivery delays • Local service that is responsive and reliable • Production methods that help sustain the environment Design from Batinau is about beauty, comfort, humor, intelligence and recognizing how solid, natural wood furniture can enrich your life.
Address: 301 W 54th St
City: Kansas City
State: MO
Zip: 64112
Country: United States
Phone: (888) 521-9663
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