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OSRAM Tunable White Systems

Platinum Award
The OSRAM Tunable White (TW) System provides a digitallycontrollable lighting solution which helps simulate naturaldaylight that reinforces human wellness and productivity. Thisdigital solution offers the freedom to adjust light preferences for Human Centric Lighting (HCL) applications including educational, commercial office and healthcare settings. TheOSRAM Tunable White System consists of an OPTOTRONIC®Tunable White LED Driver, Tunable White Wallstation,PrevaLED® Tunable White Light Engine and optional ControlPower Pack.The OSRAM TW Wallstation provides precise colortemperature and brightness control when used in conjunctionwith the OPTOTRONIC Programmable TW LED Driver. The color temperature of the PrevaLED light engine can be adjusted within the range of 2700K to 6500K and between1-100% light intensity. The wallstation comes with three,preprogrammed scene buttons that can be customized to control the room’s ambiance. Third party tunable white lightengines can be paired with the OPTOTRONIC TW LED Driver,offering flexibility to OEMs. Using the OPTOTRONICProgrammer allows users to program custom light engineparameters into the driver.This tunable white system is compatible with light managementsystems capable of communicating via DALI-2 for type 8devices.The installation of the OSRAM Tunable White System isstraightforward. The OPTOTRONIC TW LED Driver and PrevaLED TW Light Engine is integrated into the luminaireduring the manufacturing process. Contractors simplyinstall the luminaires and OSRAM TW Wallstation into theapplication space and run a quick wiring test.Key Features and Benefits ——The driver has two operatingmodes: – Two-channel mode (fordirect/indirect withoutcolor tuning) – Tunable white mode—DALI-2 compatible (type 8device) controls colortemperature and brightness—OEM programmable with1mA resolution to perfectlymatch LED load andmaximize performance—Able to interface with LEDmodules of OEM choicethird-party LED light engines—Specification grade dimmingdown to 1%—Dim-to-off—Soft start— Integrated OEMprogrammable featuresinclude:–Constant lumenmaintenance–End-of-life indication–LED thermal protection–Configurable LED moduleparameters—Programming does notrequire powering up orconnecting the power supplyto AC line voltage—Input voltage: Universal120-277Vac 50/60H—UL Class 2 output for safeoperation


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