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BetteSelect Duo

Best of 2020
Style with function. The BetteSelect bath series combines clear, elegant design with a high level of comfort, flexibility and abundant creative freedom. The Duo version is the perfect bath for two. The symmetrical shape and comfortable backrests are characteristic features. The central position of the outlet makes it particularly comfortable for bathing à deux.More information:

Specialist for bathroom products in glazed titanium steel
Bette unites humankind and water, steel and glass, architecture and form, function and sensuality.

The family company in Delbrück has been producing premium architectural bathroom components from all-natural glazed titanium steel since 1952.

Bette products are one-of-a-kind, with a broad range of colours and dimensions to create an inspiring space in every bathroom design.

The material is ultra-thin, which results in bathroom elements that are light yet extraordinarily durable.

The glossy surfaces of BetteGlaze® are harder than marble, plastic or steel, but non-porous and resistant to abrasion and UV rays. Premium quality that Bette guarantees for 30 years.

Heinrich-Bette-Stra 1
Delbruck 33129
+49 5250 511-0
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