Multi-color Translucent Glazing System

Best of 2021
Designers have dynamic new opportunities with options Duo-Gard Industries added to its line of high-performance translucent glazing systems integrating multi-wall polycarbonates. Multi-colored glazing panels offer a wide range of design advantages. Designers can choose one color for the exterior of the system and another for the interior. Matte finish panels provide a new aesthetic approach by absorbing, not deflecting light, thus changing color throughout the day, depending on the surroundings. The versatility of these options, available for both exterior and interior applications, enables designers to bring new dimensions to daylighting, branding, school colors, matching facades and more.


Diffused daylighting eliminates glare and heat gain, contributing to increased occupant productivity, decreased lighting costs and lower HVAC costs. Recyclable.


None yet


Systems area custom-engineered and pricing varies, yet is significantly more economical than traditional glass systems.


Exhibited at AIA and Greenbuild 2018.

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