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• The NanaWall Aluminum Framed Folding Glass Wall BEARricade opens wide to aesthetically erase indoor/outdoor boundaries, yet also fends off the most persistent and resourceful bears. The NanaWall BEARricade provides all the attributes of a NanaWall opening glass wall—indoor/outdoor lifestyle, fresh air ventilation, and open views—now with bear-resistant strength added to its list of unmatched performance attributes, alongside unequalled weather protection.


• Superior Humidity Control and Energy Efficiency: The wide polyamide seal and panel design provides superior humidity control, improved acoustics, and exceptional energy efficiency for cold environments.




Varies per project


• NanaWall BEARricade™ Post: Reinforced structural posts and impact-rated, laminated glass provide unparalleled strength that resists a bear’s ability to collapse the glass panels.
• NanaWall BEARlock™ System: Secure multi-point tamper-resistant locks engage with the turn of a handle and shoots the concealed lockbolts into the head track and floor track for a secure multipoint connection. The bottom shoot bolts have a one-inch throw for maximum security.
• Reliable, Durable, Smooth Operating: NanaWall Floor Supported Technology provides long-term, easy operation by carrying the main weight of the panels on the floor track. Dual stainless steel elevated running carriages within the reinforced structural posts are impervious to track debris.
Nana Wall Systems
Address: 100 Meadowcreek Drive #250
City: Corte Madera
State: CA
Zip: 94925
Country: United States
Phone: (415) 380-2863
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