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MD220 Atlas
MD220 Atlas is a linear kiln-cast texture that mixes organic and structural elements, creating a versatile design for any space.




Depends on specifications


Maximum Individual Panel Size: 90” x 150”
Available Thicknesses: 1/4” • 3/8” • 1/2” • 5/8” • 3/4” • 1” • 1-1/2” • 2”
Glass Types Available: Clear, Low-Iron, Tinted.
Safety Ratings Available: Tempered, Laminated, Fire / Bullet / Blast
Fabrication Options:Insulated, Curved, Drilled, etc.
Color Options: Tinted, Fused Color, Cold-Applied Color,
Versicolor, Bubbleglass, Hand-Painted.
Treatment Options: Frost, Dichroic
Meltdown Glass Art & Design LLC
COMMERCIAL & HOSPITALITY: Glass curtain walls, fountains, doors, room dividers, tabletops, reception desks, glass mural walls and signage. Custom commissioned glass sculptures and art screens are also applications that can enhance commercial and hospitality settings
RESTAURANTS: Signage, booth dividers, doors, windows, decorative glass walls, table tops, fountains, light sconces, vases and ornamental details.

RESIDENTIAL: SideLite and transom windows, table tops, room dividers, privacy windows, works of art, bathroom and kitchen countertops, sinks, and shower enclosures.

FURNITURE: Contemporary designer furniture such as tables and fire screens by Meltdown Artists. Fabrication of custom commissioned furniture.

LITURGICAL: Church and chapel windows, room dividers, religious theme art screens, baptism bowls and religious art work.

WORKS OF ART: Custom commissioned glass sculptures and art screens for commercial and hospitality industries and private collectors.
Address: PO Box 13098
City: Tempe
State: AZ
Zip: 85284-0052
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 845-6221
Fax: (480) 633-3344
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Meltdown Glass Art & Design LLC
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