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Organoid Acoustic Products
»Pure authenticity - functionality included«
Organoid® absorbers are coated in special production procedure and are finished acoustically to completely designed acoustic modules with exactly defined efficiencies.
These optimized efficiencies considerably reduce the required absorption surfaces in a room. Because of the uninterrupted organoid® surfaces (with a natural scent while maintaining the absorbing properties) there are no limits for the optical design and the shaping.
With picture absorbers, the natural surfaces are folded around corners optically without interruptions via “folding technique” - thus being able to realize uninterrupted edge formation. Depending on the acoustical requirements or design, it is also possible to customize the surfaces, the acoustical processing, the module size, and the effectiveness.


»Organoid® natural coatings distinguish themselves by their naturalness and authenticity and enable a new experience of natural raw materials with all
We use exclusively natural and authentic raw materials not used in conventional production processes.
In our factory in Tirol - the heart of the Alps - we pay
attention to ecological and sustainable production.
This begins with supplying the operation with 100 %
green power and ends with our binding agents free
of biocides, plasticizers, and solvents. Only in this
way we do reach the unique appearance with genuine scent, natural haptics, and impressive optics.


red dot 2015 winner, red dot 2014 winner, interzum award, german design award on some more


Unexpected affordable comparing to the natural appearance and acoustic effectivity. We offer a stock programm, but we also customize.
Organoid Technologies GmbH
Address: Nesselgarten 422
City: Fliess
State: Tirol
Zip: 6500
Country: Austria
Phone: (43664) 111-8008
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Organoid Technologies GmbH
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