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Onelink Wi-Fi Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector
This 2-in-1 wireless combination smoke and CO alarm offers the latest safety features and sensing technologies that consumers need. The alarm is compatible with existing interconnected hardwired alarms within the home, saving consumers the trouble of having to re-install or purchase all new alarms. The sleek, modern-design alarm uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly interconnect alarms, and Wi-Fi technology to connect to the user via the mobile app. The alarm also is equipped with a photoelectric smoke sensor to help reduce false alarms caused by smoke from cooking or shower steam. In addition to the ability to test and silence the alarm via the app, it features exclusive voice and location technology to alert users to the type of danger and its location. The power source is a 10-year battery, designed to last the entire life of the alarm and eliminate those late-night low battery “chirps” and costly battery replacements. When the alarm sounds, a notification is automatically sent to the user’s Android or iOS device to alert them to the danger and enables them to call 911 directly from the app.


Envisioneering Innovation & Design Award Winner


MSRP $109.99
First Alert, Inc.
Address: 3901 Liberty St
City: Aurora
State: IL
Zip: 60504
Country: United States
Phone: (630) 851-7330
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First Alert, Inc.
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