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VESSEL by 3M + Todd Bracher

For their second collaboration, 3M Architectural Markets and designer Todd Bracher have paired their respective engineering smarts and design sensibility for VESSEL by 3M™ + Todd Bracher. Initially available as a pendant or sconce, this crystal clear cylindrical light is made of durable and elegant quartz crystal. Designed especially for the hospitality market, with the restaurant industry in mind, VESSEL is perfectly calibrated to eliminate residual LED glare and cast the table, bar or wall in a soft circle of uniform white light.VESSEL accomplishes the specific market need of a bright but glare-free light through its solid quartz construction and refined shape. Light from a single LED at the top of the fixture is launched into the solid cylindrical body which traps the light until it exits at the bottom of the fixture with a carefully controlled distribution. Each of VESSEL’s design and engineering decisions was purposefully made with intelligence and understanding. The light throw is designed for a standard four-foot dining table and creates no hotspots in the center or shadows on the side. The quartz’s crystal clear properties serve as a house for the light, lending a bright illumination whose source is hardly visible to the naked eye. The light itself is thoughtfully designed to complement food, diners, and its surrounding environment. Quartz’s scratch resistant properties also made it a key material choice.


HD Expo IIDA Award

3M Architectural Surface Finishes, DI-NOC and Decorative Glass Finishes, Fasara are used as interior finish products to enhance existing substrates and glass. DI-NOC can refresh both interior and exterior spaces in applications that include walls, ceilings, cabinetry, doors, casework, soffits, columns and more. This material is available in 1000 patterns simulation the look of metals, woods, Stucco, Suede, Terracotta, Stone, Fabric, Plaster, Solids and more. This material will conform to 3-dimensional shapes for custom designs. Fasara Glass Finishes offer a variety of frosted patterns for beautifying glass at an economical price point. Fasara patterns are available in a variety of visible light transmissions that allow designers to manage the level of translucency needs in their applications. Both DI-NOC and Fasara are installed by a network of 3M Authorized Installers that are well-trained in their application., & is part of Archinterious/ADEX Awards™. All content, graphics are copyright © with publisher. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of publisher is strictly prohibited.
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