Platinum Award
The Swan-10 is one of a series of ten countertop presentations that employ the graceful swanee' line to reiterate the feminine curvature. The bases captures and further distorts the neckline on it's mirror-like base. The Swan-10 can be lined in a row or arranged harem-scarem to equal affect. Given the attention that designer shoes have received of recent, nothing less that the most attractive fixture may do. The Swan-10 equals the architectural beauty of any Manolo Blanik or Italian import, and almost raises the quality of lesser grade footwear to that of art. Contrary to the standard tried and true flat topped fixture with a plain-Jane centered up-rod this fixture demonstrates what great design can aspire to.

The residential buyer might very well place their coveted Chanel poir-de-soir pumps on their vanity or library shelves for guests envy.

Address: Penthouse, 501 Seventh Avenue
City: New York City
State: NY
Zip: 10018
Country: United States
Phone: (212) 366-9040
Fax: (212) 366-9048
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