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Infinity Art
Visa Lighting integrates optically enhanced LED sources into Infinity Art, curved modular lighting system. Slender and ribbon-like, configurable from a variety of contours, allow designers to create fixtures fitting unique design visions. Light projected above accentuates the shape of the luminaire. Aim-able downlights are available for sparkle and accent lighting.
Visa Lighting
OUR PRODUCTS Energy. Visa remains committed to the beauty and art of light, however; we have made a concerted effort to develop performance oriented products to enhance energy efficiency. LED Solutions. Long life and low energy consumption LED lamps are integrated into products where 24 houroperation is required such as hospitals and atrium areas. LED source provides glow during daytime hours, while fluorescent with performance optics provides the evening illumination. The LED source can be provide the after hours or rest time glow. Additionally, the use of LED adds no mercury into the waste stream. Ballast. In April of 2007, Visa Lighting announced that we would no longer incorporate fluorescent magnetic ballast in our product when electronic ballast is available. By incorporating electronic ballasts in place of the magnetic counterpart, greenhouse gas emissions are curtailed and customers will experience decreased energy costs - up to 30%. An additional benefit, also resulting in energy savings and reduced costs, is the superb power control characteristic of the electronic ballast. Improved dimming capability further reduces energy consumption and flicker-less instant on starts prolong lamp life. Optics. Performance optics transforms a decorative product into a meaningful contributor of light. FP Optics utilizes the highest performance reflector materials to properly distribute as much light as possible. This optical system is available in many standard products and can be integrated into a wide variety of Visa Lighting products as a variation. New and updated products undergo computer aided optical design to insure great looking products are also tuned to provide the best use of energy. LER. The inclusion of the LER rating on our products provides an industry recognized guideline for product comparison Finishes. The quality of our products is critical to our long term success. Visa Lighting is equated with craftsmanship and rich patinas. However, we are tireless in our effort to provide quality in a responsible manner. Powder Coat. Visa Lighting has shifted all colored paint options to powder coat to reduce its overall environmental impact. Powder coating is environmentally friendly; there are no solvents or hazardous material used. It is significantly more durable than conventional paints. It is extremely resistant to chips, abrasion, heat, UV light, fuel and chemicals. Powder coating eliminates runs, drips and sags common with wet paint finishes. Plating Alternative. Electroplating is harsh to the environment and the process is demanding on both water and energy use. Our alternative process utilizes a dye application within a UV resistant clear coating appliedover an aluminum substrate. The end results are fi nishes with a natural metal appearance that closely match Satin Nickel and Brushed Chrome Plating. This helps reduce lead time with none of the environmental impact associated with conventional electroplating. Packaging. Shipping Visa Lighting product safely to your job site so that there is no breakage is a priority. We upgrade our packaging to minimize the amount used without compromising the protection of shipped goods. It is also produced without chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs) or hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). Recycling. Visa Lighting recycles not only scrap metals but also electronic components, ballasts, batteries and lamps.
Address: 1717 W. Civic Dr
City: Milwaukee
State: WI
Zip: 53209
Country: United States
Phone: (414) 410-3330
Fax: (414) 354-7436
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