Aero Phase Adaptive Dimmer

Platinum Award
ETC’s Aero™ Phase Adaptive Dimmer makes upgrading to a hybrid-lighting system easy, by offering phase-adaptive, line-voltage dimming for tungsten, two-wire fluorescent, line-voltage LED, and electronic low-voltage transformer loads. The Aero Dimmer will automatically provide forward- or reverse-phase dimming based on the connected load type. When a light switch is pressed, the Dimmer will adjust lighting levels to the previous ‘on’ level or dim the lights off. When a switch is held down, the station signals the controller to raise or lower lighting levels for a gradual dim.


Available upon request


-- Used with ETC’s wireless and battery-free Aero SmartClick Stations and SimpleTap Sensors
-- Phase-adaptive with automatic mode detection
-- 120 or 277VAC, 600-watt load capacity
-- One-watt minimum load
-- Half-inch knockout-mount to junction box


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