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Raindrops run down the window as a never-ending story. Each drop follows its own path, that is quickly washed away by a new drop. Simple yet intriguing Foss represents the magic of city meets force of nature, when concrete and glass meet water and wind. No matter if you go to Copenhagen, Paris or New York, you can read infinite tales of a dreamy world.
Foss has a color scale that reminds of the transformation from dry to wet. Concrete, stone, sand, asphalt all change when a rain shower or a wave touch them. The sun and the wind bring them back to their original color and in between these two extremes lay a countless amount of tones and shades.


As form of respect to the nature we find our daily inspiration and serenity in, we have selected the regenerated yarn ECONYL® for the Foss Collection. This yarn is regenerated from used fishing nets that are reborn as a strong and hardwearing textile flooring. The backing of our Foss tiles is produced from used water bottles that are recycled into our patented and long lasting Ecotrust felt backing. In this way, Foss truly reflects city meets nature.


Interior Design Magazine HIP 2015 Winner


$28 SY (quantity driven prices)


Performance area: Heavy Traffic, 15 year warranty
Address: 11-22 44th Rd. 2FL
City: Long Island City
State: NY
Zip: 10110
Country: United States
Phone: (646) 942-6140
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