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LumaWatt Pro Wireless Connected Lighting System powered by Enlighted

Platinum Award
LumaWatt Pro transforms a lighting system into an IoT infrastructure with limitless potential to keep up with the growing service demands of people, property and resources. LumaWatt Pro is a distributed network of smart LED lighting fixtures with integrated sensing and beacon technology that captures real-time data; making a facility smarter and helping to make smarter decisions.The LumaWatt Pro Connected system powered by Enlighted is a complete, integrated lighting and control system with true IoT capabilities. Leveraging the footprint of the luminaire, advanced sensors embedded inside capture extensive data from the environment, offering big data analytics. Easy to understand and secured software offers lighting control functions including occupancy sensing, daylight dimming, demand response, scheduling and data analytics, to cutting-edge areas like cloud-based dashboards on a facility's space utilization, environmental conditions, even conference room scheduling.Benefits include:•Reduce Lighting Energy Costs up to 70 percent and Increasing Lighting PerformanceAnalyze and adjust lighting according to occupancy, needs and locations, while delivering the right light where needed•Reduce Cost of Duplicate AssetsAsset tracking will track all equipment and reduce redundant purchases and wasted staff hours•Lower Maintenance CostsInstall long-lasting LED lights and report on lighting maintenance details, while reducing cleaning of lightly used areas•Space UtilizationNot only identify occupied and unoccupied spaces for energy savings; determine what spaces are underutilizedThe integrated LED lighting fixtures combine contemporary styling and an optimal illumination design from Eaton’s high-performance LED technologies. The advanced light distribution and attractive appearance among the different product families deliver unprecedented energy savings, comfort and aesthetics. The advanced optical design delivers optimal light uniformity, resulting in soft, natural light for superior visual comfort. Benefits:-Energy savings of up to 70 percent-Reduce 30 percent in HVAC operating costs through demand driven heating and cooling-Gain up to 20 percent in lost productivity by saving time looking for equipment-Increase utilization rate of leased spaces by up to 50 percent using real-time data on how a space is


Energy Efficient LED Technology and System


2017 IES Progress Report Acceptance

At Cooper Lighting Solutions, we build forward-thinking lighting solutions that make people’s lives safer, while making buildings, homes and cities smarter and more sustainable. We deliver an industry-leading portfolio of indoor and outdoor lighting, lighting controls and smart lighting systems. We question, we seek and we solve. Because building a better world means asking tough questions and pushing harder for answers. Together with our customers, we create solutions that build a better world. At Cooper Lighting Solutions, we push past the ordinary to build brighter. Cooper Lighting Solutions is a business unit of Signify, the world leader in lighting. Together we have a shared purpose to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world.

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