ENCELIUM Wireless System

Platinum Award
ENCELIUM® Wireless Energy Management System (EMS), a robust portfolio of sleek hardware solutions designed to expand lighting control to hard-to-reach locations and simplify and lower the overall cost of installation. ENCELIUM is a scalable and simple lighting control system that enables owners to elevate the cost-effectiveness and occupant experience of their lighting spaces with just a click of the mouse.The new ENCELIUM Wireless EMS is based on the ZigBee® Pro network stack and includes wireless managers, sensors, control modules for attaching to light fixtures and area lighting controllers for group & plug load control.The new ENCELIUM Wireless EMS integrates with both wireless and wired ENCELIUM devices and the ENCELIUM Polaris 3D® lighting management software, the core element of the ENCELIUM system that facilitates the commissioning, usage and data analysis of the lighting installation.Accessible anytime, anywhere via an Internet connection, the Polaris 3D software is easy to use and offers additional flexibility for buildings to comply with local building codes, offer a comfortable work environment for employees, reduce their lighting energy consumption by as much as 75 percent, and qualify for several points toward LEED certification. The 3D color gradient visualization shows how efficient an installation is and immediately reports the savings achieved. • The ENCELIUM Wireless Manager (WM):The central intelligence point in the Wireless Mesh Network, is a ceiling or wall-mounted control device that controls up to 100 nodes (control modules, area lighting controllers, wallstations, sensors, and other devices) and collects, processes, and distributes lighting control information to and from those devices via a mesh network based on ZigBee standards. It then determines appropriate brightness levels or ON/OFF status for each fixture and zone. • The ENCELIUM Wireless Control Module (WCM): This module can be mounted internally or externally to luminaires and connects the fixtures to the ENCELIUM wireless network for a variety of tasks such as adjusting light levels to respond to variable lighting requirements, customizing lighting scenes for tailored experiences/tasks, and scheduling the operation of a luminaire to lower energy use during off-peak occupancy. Individually addressable, the Wireless Control Module enables each ballast or LED driver to be independently controlled and configured to best meet the needs of the facility. It switches a fixture ON or OFF via a relay contained in the module, as well as delivers a low voltage dimming signal to any 0-10V or DALI dimming ballast/driver. It offers dual connectivity in one box (0-10V or DALI) and a wide input voltage range of 120-347V for connecting to a wide range of luminaire options and comes with UL 924 emergency rating. The module also allows integration of ENCELIUM wired products into the wireless network. A damp-rated version is also available for installations subject to moderate degrees of moisture • Wireless Area Lighting Controller (WALC):Wireless area lighting controller connects groups of 0-10V dimmable luminaires for group dimming or switching applications. The onboard sensor terminal block allows direct connection of dual tech sensors or other low voltage sensors to the wireless network for battery elimination or additional functionality. The module also allows integration of ENCELIUM wired products into the wireless network. The versatile 20A WALC is unique in the market with its universal voltage operation (120-347V input), UL 924 emergency rating, and rugged design so it can control a range of applications from emergency lighting to extreme conditions with temperatures as low as -40ºF. This 2015 IESNA Progress Report Winner is also available with a damp rating for installations subject to moderate degrees of moisture such as basements and parking garages, as well as partially protected locations under canopies, marquees and roofed open porches. Individually addressable with the ENCELIUM Energy Management System (EMS), the WALC switches a single-wired zone of multiple luminaires ON or OFF via an integral high current relay while setting the zone’s overall light level through the control wiring of a fixtures’ dimmable ballasts or LED drivers. The high current rating of the WALC allows the system to switch an entire circuit of electrical loads or plug loads, eliminating the cost for using standard power relays or switch packs. • The ENCELIUM Wireless Sensor: Ceiling-mounted ENCELIUM Wireless Sensors wirelessly collect info on space lighting conditions, and offer Passive Infra Red (PIR) occupancy sensing and daylight sensing in one sleek housing. This 2014 IESNA Progress Report Winner also won the Silver award in the Lighting Controls category in Consulting-Specifying Engineer's 2015 Product of the Year program. These battery powered wireless sensors are available in two configurations for up to 450 or 1500 square feet, and has the distinction of being the smallest wireless occupancy sensors with photocontrol on the market. The integrated photosensor avoids wasting energy when there is enough natural light. The sensors offer three tool-less mounting options for easy installation that do not require removing the ceiling tile, and also offer masking options to maximize control flexibility. • The ENCELIUM Wireless Wallstations:These wallstations send occupant commands to the network, offering the flexibility of being placed where convenient for users, and are a cost-effective option compared to wired switches. Powered by 2-AA / 4-AAA batteries with up to 10 years battery life, the product has the distinction of being the industry’s smallest wireless wallstation (2.8125” D x 4.5” H x 0.875” W). This 2014 IESNA Progress Report Winner is available in 3 versions: on/off, 3-scene and 3-zone control with configuration options up to 5 scene / 6 zone all defined through the Polaris 3D software. The wallstations can also be surface mounted when using the separate surface mount kit accessory. • The ENCELIUM Polaris 3D Software:This fully software configurable system allows individual users to personalize their environments while enabling facility managers to program individual or groups of fixtures remotely. Accessible anytime, anywhere via an Internet connection, ENCELIUM’s Polaris 3D offers color gradient visualization for hop count, signal route, wireless signal strength & battery status for wireless components and shows how efficient an installation is by immediately reporting the savings achieved.


• Optimize Site/Existing Structure:
o Maximize the use of daylight via daylight harvesting strategy.
• Optimize Energy Use:
o Achieved via occupancy control, daylight harvesting and time schedule strategies.
o System has the ability communicate with BMS (BACnet & Niagara interface modules) and can merge with information technology (IT) infrastructures via TCP/IP.
o System has the ability to implement load shedding via a utility interface.
o Fully software configurable & web accessible capability allows comprehensive building commissioning plan throughout the life of the project
• Enhance Indoor Environmental Quality:
o Utilize high performance lighting controls, lamps, ballasts & drivers to supplement natural light
o Use of daylight harvesting strategy allows the use of daylighting for ambient lighting wherever feasible
o Use of strategies such as personal control and task tuning enable reduced levels of diffused general illumination
• Optimize Operational and Maintenance Practices:
o Use of time schedule and occupancy control strategies to control lighting
o Use of integrated energy reporting software that tracks lighting energy use down to the individual luminaire level


• Wireless Area Lighting Controller: 2015 IESNA Progress Report Winner
• ENCELIUM Wireless Sensor: 2014 IESNA Progress Report Winner; Silver award in the Lighting Controls category in Consulting-Specifying Engineer's 2015 Product of the Year program
• ENCELIUM Wireless Wallstations: 2014 IESNA Progress Report Winner


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This fully scalable, networked system can be implemented as standalone or hybrid system.

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