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Human Touch PC-510 Classic Power Perfect Chair Zero-Gravity Recliner

Platinum Award
At Human Touch®, we don’t view perfection as a result, but rather an ongoing quest. So, in our new PC-510 Perfect Chair® Series 2, we added elements that make our industry-leading chair look, work and feel even more perfect. Building on its elegant form and zero-gravity seating position that physicians recommend as the healthiest way to sit, we incorporated several improvements, including brushed aluminum leg accents, a sleek pad design, dual-position “HD” lumbar support and easy-touch smooth recline motion. Sit back and relax, this stunning evolution is a wellness and style revolution.The zero-gravity ergonomics of the Perfect Chair are a unique balance of support and seating comfort. The neutral posture position raises the legs above the heart, relieving weight from the spine. In this position, the body relaxes into a virtually weightless posture, which physicians recommend as the healthiest way to sit. Maximum ergonomic posture is ensured at all recline angles through the fixed-form seating position. Find relief from stress as you defy gravity in the Perfect Chair. Expertly crafted using only premium upholsteries, this sleek new pad is designed for ergonomic comfort and support. SōfHyde, top-grain leather or premium leather upholstery covers the pad from head to toe, including the arms. The subtle thumb-control lever, conveniently located inside the left arm, provides split-second digital acceleration at all recline angles. Experience relaxing postural support to the lower lumbar region. The high density or "HD" support is built-in and can be manually set to low or high position. Upscale brushed aluminum leg accent cues make this chair an even more perfect addition to your décor.Everybody talks about zero-gravity in their seating products. But at Human Touch, we lead the industry with innovative research that makes it possible to actually see and feel how the zero-gravity Perfect Chair relieves stress.


We proudly craft the Perfect Chair® using a harmonious manufacturing process that replenishes the planet with new resources to replace the ones we use. Using only 100% renewable, plantation-grown solid parawood, highly trained Human Touch® master woodworkers hand-carve and hand-finish the signature balanced curves supporting the Perfect Chair. As one of the strongest woods on earth, the Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber tree) ensures durability and beauty for years of use. The legs of all Human Touch Perfect Chairs are constructed of 100-percent solid, plantation-grown Parawood from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). This extremely strong, yet flexible, dense-grain wood is prized as being fully renewable and eco-friendly. Unlike other woods that are cut down for the sole purpose of producing furniture, Parawood is used only after it completes its 25-year rubber-producing cycle. With this sustainable construction, both you and Mother Nature can rest comfortably.


Premium Leather MSRP: $3,299Top-Grain Leather MSRP: $2,999SōfHyde MSRP: $2,799


Available in three choices of wood bases:WalnutDark WalnutChestnutAvailable in a variety of upholstery choices and colors:Black Premium Leather Espresso Premium Leather Cognac Premium Leather Black Top-Grain Leather Espresso Top-Grain Leather Ivory Top-Grain Leather Red Top-Grain Leather Sand Top-Grain Leather Navy Top-Grain Leather Black SōfHydeSōfHyde is a luxurious and durable upholstery expertly formulated to replicate the comfort, style and “feel” of real leather. SōfHyde is designed to last for many years of use and is comfortable, soft to the touch and stain-resistant.

For over 40 years, Human Touch has constructed the wellness landscape, building a rich portfolio of high-performance massage chairs, ergonomic zero gravity recliners, and targeted massage products that rejuvenate the mind and body – no matter where the day may take you. Taking a unique approach to design, Human Touch utilizes the top engineering minds, medical practitioners, world-class athletes, and award-winning design teams to carefully craft groundbreaking products that not only alleviate pain and decrease stress on a daily basis, but also offer an aesthetic appeal that captivates the eye and enhances any space.

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