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ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2024-25
Pairings, a versatile lounge-based system designed by the award winning product design team, pL-D for Kimball Office, is inspired by the changing needs of today’s work environment. Pairings is a family of seating components that can easily be crafted together to create formal or informal settings that support today’s spaces within spaces work environments. Known for creating relevant, adaptable office spaces and product collections, pL-D designers Pam Light and John Duffy created Pairings as a seating solution that inspires positive experiences throughout the workspace. Designed to promote work-play-gather spaces within the workplace, Pairings allows designers and clients the ability to craft a space that works in open and enclosed rooms, and provides space and acoustical separation in open areas. As the lines blur between the places and ways workspaces are approached, Pairings creates a third place or a nest, that offers multi-module adaptability and varying degrees of privacy through the options of high and low panels or walls. Pairings’ walls mingle with varied seating options to provide solutions for environments of all kinds. In addition, the Pairings collection provides power and data distribution and can be combined with systems furniture and media for expanded work and meeting options.


Pricing is still being finalized as the product will be launched on July 15th.

1155 West 12th Ave
Jasper IN 47549
United States
(800) 482-1616
Kimball International
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