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ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2024-25

Saisei Grande Chandelier

Best of 2022
Platinum Award

9000-0925 Saisei Grande Chandelier | Hiroshi Koshitaka Collection
Finish: Khaki/Natural

Dimension: 52”h x 45”dia

Materials: Wrought Iron/Rattan

Designed by Hiroshi Koshitaka, the Saisei Grande Chandelier is made of rattan that flows artfully around a wrought iron frame in a khaki finish, which is tonally in sync with the natural color of the material. Saisei, notes Koshitaka, means renew, restore, revive, regrowth, rebirth, and regeneration, all valuable ideals in a fast-paced world, and all breathed into the design of this rattan chandelier. The otherworldly shape of this hand-woven wonder was inspired by outer space—galaxies in the universe come to light.


The Design Process

Rattan is woven by hand onto a wrought iron chandelier frame.


Rattan is a natural material and native of the Philippines where it grows plentifully! It is a renewable resource.


Designed by award-winning designer and architect, Hiroshi Koshitaka who have been working with Currey & Company for more than 20 years as a free-lance designer. 


$6,490 Suggested Retail

Currey & Company is a wholesale manufacturer of distinctive home furnishings products. We are best known for our lighting products (chandeliers, wall sconces, table and floor lamps) as well as interior furniture, garden furniture and accessories. The multi-cultural company work force in Atlanta designs, assembles, finishes, packs and ships product. We have offices and manufacture product in the Philippines, China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

50 Best Friend Rd
Atlanta GA 30340
United States
(678) 533-1500
Currey & Company
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