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'Shimmering Echoes' Suwanee City Hall, Suwanee, GA

The Suwanee City Hall, GA – ‘Shimmering Echoes’ uses sustainable colored eco-resin layered in multiple strings of ellipses to emulate ‘watercolors’ in the sky and support the park like setting, across the street from this new facility. This installation utilizes the relationship of the natural ambient lighting and the environment creating a new vision and experience for the viewer at many different levels and focal points. In the evening the two suspended sculptures are backlit and can be seen from the street through the large open clearstory entry – giving the city hall a public presence for a growing and dynamic community.


PETG 40% recycled resin substrate. 70% recycled Aluminum


$85,000.00 including design, materials, fabrication, assembly, shipping and installation.


This is the first Public Arts Commission for the City of Suwanee, which is a well-managed and prosperous community with a large percentage of citizen stake-holdership in their success. This project allowed for a large and open public discourse for its legitimacy and allowed for continued education to the public, opening the way for more acceptance of the Public Art Process.

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