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New Recessed TruCurve Allows Designers to Illuminate A Space with Any Shape And Any Color

Best of 2022
Platinum Award

PureEdge Lighting launches another new addition to the popular TruLine family of recessed 5/8” drywall lighting systems: TruCurve. Let the drywall be your canvas and create lighting in any shape, and any color!

Our patent-pending TruCurve is a plaster-in 24VDC LED system that bends left to right allowing for curved lighting on a flat ceiling plane or wall. TruCurve recesses into 5/8" drywall with no joist or stud modification required. PureEdge Lighting custom builds the specified curved design and ships it to the job site as a pre-formed kit that is easy to assemble. Redefining the relationship between Lighting and Interior Design, this innovative and highly efficient system blends seamlessly into the drywall, becoming part of the architecture. The slim curved extrusions, LED strips, and lenses are ordered in 1' increments (up to 40' before re-feeding).  The TruCurve channel can accommodate curves down to a 9” radius. TruCurve is available in a broad range of standard color temperatures including two Warm Dim(27D and 30D) and Pro Dim(27KPD and 30KPD) options, Tunable White 2000K-6500K, and RGB+TW which allows you to illuminate your space with an infinite number of color options.

“TruCurve is a new lighting system that I am very excited about. Not only does it give designers unique design options for their space, it also features infinite color with our RGB+TW soft strip. TruCurve promotes innovation in how it is designed, installed into 5/8” drywall, and uses color to create emotion within the space. Designing with our family of recessed 5/8” lighting systems is truly limitless in terms of what can be achieved with beautiful, cutting-edge architectural lighting” said Gregory Kay, Owner and CEO of PureEdge Lighting.

Empowerment, Innovation, Personalization Empowering You PureEdge Lighting has developed architectural LED lighting tools that empower you to not only design your space but also the fixtures you envision. Modern, innovative, and personalized, PureEdge Lighting’s latest developments defy the boundaries of traditional lighting to allow for a design that is truly your own. Philosophies Merge to Create Stunning Innovation and Personalization in Lighting PureEdge Lighting creates architectural lighting solutions influenced by simplicity and elegance based on the principle that light affects human emotion. PureEdge Lighting innovations redefine the relationship between lighting and interior design. The Pure Design Let the Drywall be Your Canvas Minimalist fixtures that blend seamlessly into the drywall and become part of the Architecture. The Edge Design The Personalization of Light Expressive surface mounted or suspended fixtures.

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