Homage to Cecil B. Moore

Platinum Award
Cecil B. Moore Mosaicrnrnrn This 8ft x 4ft x 3� mosaic was commissioned by SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) for the Cecil B. Moore Station (Temple University) to honor Cecil B. Moore�s legacy. The mosaic highlights key aspects of Cecil B. Moore�s life story, namely his military career, his legal career, his political career and his invaluable efforts as a civil rights leader in our city. rn My approach to mosaic involves using the grout joints as drawing lines. They are designed to establish depth perspective and the volume of form. I work with a range of materials that enrich the surface texture and color scheme. This mosaic was made using ceramic tile which was embellished with hand blown glass shards, metals and various semi-precious stones and minerals.rn The central panel depicts Cecil B. Moore as a community leader and public speaker. This section was made using ceramic tile, hand blown glass shards as well as glass tile. The mosaic features a quotation from Cecil B. Moore which speaks to the heart of his life�s work. It reads �Stand up and be an American citizen and exercise your rights�. The upper left detail depicts a court room scene wherein Cecil B. Moore is defending a client. This section was made using ceramic tile, hand blown glass shards, zebra marble, crazy lace agate, white quartz, jasper and brass. Below this is an image highlighting Cecil B. Moore�s World War II military career. He is depicted with his fellow Marines. The upper left hand detail features Cecil B. Moore with fellow Civil Rights advocates including Martin Luther King Jr., famed Philadelphia DJ Georgie Woods, and Malcolm X. Hand blown glass shards were used for their neck ties, adding a bas relief quality to the mosaic surface. Below this is a depiction of Cecil B. Moore leading a desegregation rally at Girard College. This detail was made using ceramic tile, blue quartz, bird�s eye rhyolite, brass, aluminum and a stone which is a mixture of thulite (pink), epidote (green) and manganese (black).rnrn-Jonathan Mandell, MFA c. 2013


One of the materials that I used was the broken waste from hot shops, where glass is hand blown. I repurpose the convex and concave pieces by applying them in the mosaic surface. They allow me to explore bas-relief ideas into the mosaic, providing a topographic quality to the artwork. The grout lines are designed to act as drawing lines, establishing depth perspective and the volume of form.



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