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The Ivey School of Business
The client The Ivey School of Business www.ivey.uwo.ca contracted Entro G+A www.entro.com to come up with a design that would suite there brand new office space constructed in early 2011. The problem for this lead certified building was privacy in the offices. They wanted a certain element of privacy but still allow all the natural light into the office to maintain open space concept of the building. Entro in turn contracted Window Film Systems www.windowfilmsystems.com to work with them on a design and material requirement that would achieve the effect they were looking for. Window Film Systems are the Canadaian Distributor of Lintec www.lintecofamerica.com. Lintec has an exclusive line of products which ultimately suite the opportunity for high end design. Lintec Corporation is one of the largest and most technically advanced optical film producers in the world. One product they produce is an optically clear polyester film that is scratch resistant and UV stable which becomes the canvas for design that is second to none.
Wanting to incoporate the Ivey School's rich 93 year history into an element of contemporary design, a graphic was created on Lintec's film and mounted to various glass partitions. The pure optical clarity of the film enabled a translucent graphic to be created of one of the Ivey's historical buildings. (see attached picture) In other areas of the building a 3 dimensional effect was created by printing graduated lines onto the lintec film and applying the film to both sides of the glass. In this area the film only covers the middle of the glass and you can see how optically clear the Lintec film is, as you cannot distinguish the clear space clarity of the film itself to the clarity of the glass.
Lintec of America
Address: 1292 Barclay Blvd
City: Buffalo Grove
State: IL
Zip: 60089
Country: United States
Fax: (847) 229-0548
Website: http://www.lintecofamerica.com
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