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Momentum Textiles Wallcovering Collection designed by Patty Madden
Momentum Textiles is proud to have collaborated with Patty Madden to design our first wallcovering collection. Patty Madden is a design icon, most decorated and probably the best known wallcovering designer in the contract industry today.
2 years ago we set out together to design a sustainable collection that would not only be beautiful but would mesh with our sustainable direction, be useable for the broad contract market and perform as well as vinyl wallcovering.
The Momentum Textiles Wallcovering designed Patty Madden has done just that… a PVC Free Sustainable wallcovering … a perfect addition rounding out our already robust library of sustainable products.
Almost 2 years ago Momentum Textiles announced Sustainable Performance. All Momentum fabrics are made with recycled or natural fibers, all products are PVC Free and Greenguard certified.
PVC Free Wallcovering is the next product in Momentum's Sustainable Performance journey. Momentum's first wallcovering offering is a foundational collection that transcends markets with very useable products for everyday use. Our PVC Free wallcovering works perfectly well in corporate, higher ed, hospitality, healthcare and retail.


Textiles are made with TPO. TPO is as durable as vinyl wallcovering
but PVC free. Cleans easily and hangs beautifully without the environmental issues of a vinyl wallcovering. TPO has a robust sustainable story as well as exceptional performance.
The hand is softer than a vinyl wallcovering though tests equally as well in breaking strength, tear strength, stain resistance, wash- ability, and scrubbability.

- PVC free; alternative to vinyl wallcovering
- No plasticizers
- Zero chlorine, formaldehyde, heavy metals and ozone depleting chemicals
- Meets and exceeds durability and cleanability of Type II vinyl wallcovering
- Low-energy use during manufacturing
- Greenguard certified. Meets Cal 1350 indoor air-quality
- Extremely low VOC’s
- Contributes to LEED points
- Uses water based inks
- Non woven backing made with Post-Consumer recycled fibers
- Performs like vinyl wallcovering without the environmental dangers of chlorine chemistry
- Water resistant
- Mildew resistant
- Stain and abrasion resistant
- Heat resistant
- Suitable for all applications
- The innovative technology allows for excellent interpretation of embossing texture
- Fire Rating: Class A, in accordance with ASTM E84


Price range in the mid $20’s
Momentum Textiles
Momentum Group is committed to creating design solutions tailored toward the evolving needs of the contract textile market. The four distinct textile brands composing the Momentum Group - Momentum Textiles, Sina Pearson, LoomSource and Textus - provide a comprehensive selection of products for commercial interiors.
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City: Irvine
State: CA
Zip: 92614
Country: United States
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