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Gold Award
VM-Luna™14 is a 14-mil, 100% post consumer polyester fabric with an ultra-smooth poplin weave. Our patented Micro-Iron® coating allows printed wall coverings or graphics to be easily installed and updated. VM-Luna™14 lends a luminous texture to printed graphics, murals and wall coverings, and can change as often as needed, without the hassle of adhesives.


100% post-consumer and PVC-free






100% post-consumer and PVC-free, VM-Luna™14 is a printable, magnetic receptive fabric used for luxury-look digital wall coverings and murals.
Visual Magnetics
Visual Magnetics has been transforming walls and surfaces since CEO Joe Deetz invented magnetic paint in 1997. In 2007, the company introduced MagnaMedia®, the world’s first magnetic-receptive print media. MagnaMedia is a component of the award winning Visual Magnetics Graphic System®, which is used by over 300 leading retailers as an elegant and cost-effective solution for in-store graphics. Visual Magnetics’ materials can be used in a multitude of environments such as offices, museums and homes to create truly Dynamic Spaces®, combining functionality and high design. With over 17 unique finishing options such as fabrics, veneers and dry-erase, all MagnaMedia is made in the USA and is PVC-free, with an entire line dedicated to 100% post-consumer and natural, sustainable bases. For more information please visit
Address: 1 Emerson Street
City: Mendon
State: MA
Zip: 1756
Country: United States
Phone: (508) 381-2400
Fax: (508) 381-2401
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Visual Magnetics
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