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French Sweep Copper Hood with Standing Seams
This grand hood makes a fine focal point installed under a tall vaulted ceiling. The standing seams, copper straps, rivets, and reverse hammered band easily anchor even the largest kitchen.
Handcrafted Metal
Handcrafted Metal provides the ultimate quality attainable in metal range hoods, countertops, and kitchen products. Our custom designers and master craftsmen can execute almost any project that you can imagine. Our old-school attention to detail and old world fabrication skills combine to produce masterworks of craftsmanship.
Address: 5121 East 7th St
City: Austin
State: TX
Zip: 78702
Country: United States
Phone: (512) 386-5433
Fax: (512) 386-5442
Website: http://www.handcraftedmetal.com
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Handcrafted Metal
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