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Mila’s Bathroom Vessel sink is sure to be the statement piece in any bathroom. Made from one whole piece of steel, the utility and function of the sink will draw all the attention to it. With its beautiful elegant slot drain that drains out of sight, it enhances the sleek, clean, minimalist look of the sink. Leading the way in functionality and stylish design. Unlike other PVD colored sink the Mila Bathroom Vessel suffers no color degradation through our patent pending reverse PVD process that allows color to stay consistent throughout the corners.
We saw a need for a PVD Stainless Steel sink that didn’t lose color around the sharp corners. We saw this as a huge flaw in the colored stainless steel industry that we wanted to solve. We wanted the sinks to be more durable through the PVD but still be solid throughout.
Made of 16 gauge 304 stainless steel, we have provided the best through laser welding controlled by our smart eye robotics. We have worked endlessly to provide the very best in function and design.


Pure 16 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel


Price starts at $3,000
Mila International
At Mila we believe style, form and function are the pillars of great design, and it is with this belief we approach every product we create, with an innovative spirit, unbridled creativity and an obsession to detail. This results in simple, beautiful kitchen and bath products of the highest quality. Products that will redefine your kitchen and bath.
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Mila International
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