Aprilli, Spiral Vase

Platinum Award
SPIRAL is an elegant flower vase which provides the most simple but dynamic arrangement for the flowers. By lifting the flowers high up in the air, the overall form becomes gains more visibility and opulence and provides a vast range of opportunities to design the composition for the flowers. All stems are interconnected by the organic structure mainly supported by the central spine. The test tubes allow the flowers to be more independent from each other and free from the ground plane. The flower vase acts like a tree form lifting the flowers high up in the air gaining more attention and exposure toward the overall space. This is a large size vase designed to fill up large spaces in public areas such as residential, commercial and hospitality interior spaces.


Material: PLA thermoplastic shell with Poly Resin infill, Polyurethane paint finish. Twelve 16mm (d) x 150mm (l) Pyrex glass tubes

Dimensions: 208.8mm (w) x 209.3mm (d) x 714.8mm (h)

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Los Angeles CA
United States
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