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B01 Bench
B01 Bench You probably remember that tingling feeling of butterflies in your belly when in your childhood you had just climbed the tallest tree: An excitement caused by the height as much as by the revolutionary new perspective on your surroundings. Sitting at the highest point of our bench B01 feels kind of like that. Whether looking out over a crowd of people or nature's beautiful scenery, the view is enhanced by the feeling of being carried by the sturdy oak wood, which in turn is stuck into a solid foundation of 2.7 tons of polished diabas stone. Design: Jens Thoms-Ivarsson
LYX Furniture & Light
LYX is the Swedish word for luxury. Our philosophy is rooted in the Scandinavian designs of the 60s and 70s – pure, simple and clean lines. We added a bit of extravagance and a 21st century twist. LYX exists for customers that are special, both in taste and in their willingness to spend a little bit more on a unique piece of furniture. Which is why our mission is to do things differently. Our pieces are handmade, in high quality and not in high volume, which adds a bit more to their worth and cost. Our launch collection is created by Swedish designer Michael Malmborg I/IDSA, the pieces are inspired by the traditional Scandinavian design, but makes a stronger and more luxurious statement. In short: It's more bold than blond.
Address: Grev Turegatan 30
City: Stockholm
Zip: 11438
Country: Sweden
Phone: 733-663322
Fax: 733-661173
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