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Martin Inground 200

Platinum Award
The Inground 200 is a durable IP 65/67 rated inground luminaire that integrates Martin's renowned color-changing technology into a system of buried uplights. Designed for all terrains and weathers, the series offers high-performance tools for dynamic uplight illumination of facades, columns, landscapes, and interior applications.Three Color SystemsThe series offers three different color systems for applications of varying complexity.1. Single Color: Designed as a simple means to creating colorful lighting schemes, the single color system is not programmable, but lets you choose any color from our collection of forty dichroic filters. Custom colors are also available. 2. Six Colors: The 6-color system is a programmable color-changing system for dynamic lighting applications. It offers a selectable palette of up to six colors on a wheel. Designers are free to create their own palettes of colors. The system also provides a programmable dimmer for 0-100% intensity control.3. Full Spectrum CMY: The most advanced and versatile solution, the CMY color system blends the primary colors Cyan, Magenta and Yellow to create a virtually limitless choice. For a beautiful effect, these colors can be programmed via DMX to shift smoothly from one shade to another. The CMY system also provides a programmable dimmer for true 0-100% intensity control.Wide range of optical systemsFour different lens systems are available for a variety of beam angle options, medium (32o), wide (56o), very wide (98o), and wallwash. Optical AimingAn adjustable lamp frame allows for 360-degree rotation and +/- 15-degree tilt. This compensates for variations in terrain and allows for precise optical aiming. Durability Manufactured from marine-grade steel and clear tempered glass, the Inground 200 is designed to withstand loads of 5 metric tons. An IP 65/67 rating guarantees safe and reliable operation in all types of weather.


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