Lumière Monaco 3002

Platinum Award
The Monaco 3002 is a small scale, versatile, ingrade luminaire utilizing seven LEDs with a large variety of beam angles to choose from between 9° and 35°. The adjustable version, 3002A, provides up to 25° tilt and 360° rotation of the lamp beam allowing for precision, lockable aiming. The non-adjustable version, 3002N, provides a fixed uplight with reduced cost. The LED source is ideal for pedestrian areas as it provides powerful lighting without high lens temperatures. The housing is IP68 rated and is available to ship in advance. The housing material is an injection molded thermoplastic and contains both an integral LED driver and an independently sealed wire box, ensuring that the electrical components will remain safe and dry. Quick connects are provided on all wires to provide easy installation and maintenance. The Monaco luminaire will accept up to three optical accessories (lenses, louvers and filters) and offers three external accessories: a rock guard, glare shield and a pour/debris cover.


LED Technology


•25° Tilt, 360° Rotation - lockable, fixed beam option also available
•9°, 14°, 21°, 35° Optics - LED included
•Brass or Stainless Steel trim w/ optional temperature reduction lens
•IP68 corrosion-proof composite housing available to ship in advance
•Independently sealed wire box protects LEDs and integral LED driver
•Quick wire connectors for easy installation and maintenance
•Accepts up to three optical accessories (lenses, louvers & filters)
•Accessories include Rock Guard, Glare Shield & Pour/Debris Cover

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