Envi Eco-Performance Rainshower showerhead

Gold Award
The multi-function Enviâ„¢ Eco-Performance Rainshower showerhead is the first water-efficient rainshower from Moen and features its innovative Immersion ® technology ‚¬â€œ a self-pressurizing system that increases the force and flow of water delivery. This new eight-inch rainshower offers a flow rate of 2.0 gallons per minute (gpm), 20 percent less than the industry standard of 2.5 gpm, and contributes to the earning of valuable LEED ® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points. Multiple settings satisfy every type of shower user, while maintaining the same level of performance consumers have come to expect from Moen. “With a typical rainshower consumers may experience a ‚¬Ëœdrooping' water pattern ‚¬â€œ similar to what you might see from a watering can,  said Mike Reffner, group product manager, Moen. “Envi's Immersion technology eliminates this, allowing users to get the water pressure they desire, while saving water.  The Envi Rainshower has a convenient lever to adjust the water delivery from a powerful spray (concentrating water from only 30 nozzles) to a softer shower (expanding flow from as many as 100 nozzles). Unlike some low-flow showerheads that simply restrict the water flow, Envi preserves the powerful stream that consumers are accustomed to from full-flow rainshowers. Moen's Immersion technology actually increases the velocity of the water streams hitting the body, treating users to a full, satisfying spray that feels like the flow of a standard 2.5 gpm rainshower. Moen uses the science of biomimicry, exploring nature-inspired innovation, to create the most “naturally efficient  spray coverage possible on the Envi Rainshower. This showerhead features Fibonacci-inspired, spiral-shaped nozzle patterns to provide full-body coverage that envelops the user in invigorating body sprays, no matter what the spray setting. The oversized Envi Eco-Performance Rainshower is available in popular finishes, including Chrome and LifeShine ® Brushed Nickel, to coordinate with bathroom faucets and accessories.


$193.70 (Chrome) $304.40 (LifeShine Brushed Nickel)


The Envi Rainshower was designed using the science of biomimicry. This practice explores the natural world to understand what defines beauty and how consumers perceive beautiful objects. As part of this process the design team discovered phi, also called the golden proportion, and the mathematics of the Fibonacci series. Moen utilized this insight to create the most ideal, “naturally efficient” spray coverage possible, embedding the mathematics of Phi in the gracefully patterned curves of nozzles on the showerhead. These specific patterns can create a surprisingly full shower experience from very little water.

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