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ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2024-25

Futari 2 Person Soaking Tub (‘classical’ style)

Best of 2023

The Futari two-person deep soaking tub is Cabuchon’s newest bath for shared bathing. Launched in 2023, it is the latest in our deep soaking tub range, and our second two-seat version.

The name celebrates a strong Japanese connection. The traditional Japanese ofuro has always been an inspiration for this market-leading range, and in this case, the word means ‘couple’ – appropriate for a two-seater bath.

The design of the Futari respects all the most important principles of deep soaking. It has a compact design, the side walls are steeply angled, and the integrated seats ensure that the bather retains an upright, semi-seated posture. These are the three key characteristics of the perfect deep soaking experience.

(External dimensions) 1600 x 1150mm / 63” x 45¼”
(Internal dimensions) 1445mm x 966mm (seat back) / 45” x 38”
(Internal seat depth to overflow) 470mm/18½”
(Internal footwell depth) 565mm / 22¼”

Full internal and external dimensions are shown on the Futari Specification Sheet.

Step: If not sunken, the Futari should have a step for easy entry or exit. The step can be fixed or removable when not in use.

Material: FICORE®

Cabuchon Bathforms are the world-leading manufacturer of luxury baths and tailored Hydrotherapy spa tub systems, we put more than thirty years of design experience at your disposal. As comfortable as they are beautiful, our baths are the result of the finest quality craftsmanship, cutting-edge materials and extensive customer research. In short, they exemplify the very best in function, style and guaranteed durability.

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