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TecVision Engineered Screen Technology
TecVision Engineered Surface Technology offers a departure from typical projection screen production.

Utilizing technologically advanced manufacturing methods and proprietary scientific formulations, TecVision viewing surfaces meet the rigorous demands of today’s projection requirements. TecVision screens are individually produced individually formulated and programmed, and manufactured with multiple checks for quality, consistency and uniformity from start to finish.

TecVision is currently available in eight exclusive formulations, featuring white surfaces with gains ranging from 1.0 to 1.9 over remarkably wide viewing cones, and grey surfaces with excellent performance under ambient light. TecVision surfaces are available on several Draper electric screen models.

All eight TecVision surfaces are certified for color fidelity by the Imaging Science Foundation.

TecVision makes it easier than ever to “fine-tune” a screen to your room. In the past, a close fit was as good as a screen manufacturer could get, and often represented simply choosing the lesser of two evils. But with TecVision, a screen that combines the best of different surface attributes can be formulated, allowing the ultimate in fine-tuning.

TecVision surfaces are engineered for high contrast, precise resolution, color accuracy and the broadest possible viewing cone, and are 4K ready. Here are some specifics on the initial TecVision surface offerings:

XH700X Grey combines an extra wide viewing cone and high contrast, with an on-axis gain of 0.7. TecVision XH700X Grey is designed for blending applications on curved or flat screens where ambient light is present and is ISF certified.

XH900X Grey features an extra wide viewing cone, high contrast, and on-axis gain of 0.9. XH900X Grey performs very well in situations where moderate ambient light is present. It is ISF certified.

MS1000X Grey has a moderate viewing cone, superior contrast, and on-axis gain of 1.0. MS1000X Grey performs very well in situations where moderate to high ambient light is present, and is ISF certified.

XT1100X White offers an extra wide viewing cone and typical contrast with an on-axis gain of 1.1 TecVision XT1100X White performs best when projector brightness and screen size mean that a minimal increase in gain is needed. Like all TecVision surfaces, XT1100X White offers superior quality and uniformity, and is also available as an acoustically transparent surface. ISF certified.

XT1300X White’s extra wide viewing cone, typical contrast, and on-axis gain of 1.3 helps it perform best where ambient light is controlled but projector brightness is slightly lower than desired, and is ISF certified.

XT1600X White has an extra wide viewing cone, typical contrast, and on-axis gain of 1.6. It also performs best where ambient light is controlled but projector brightness is moderately lower than desired, and is ISF certified.

XT1800X White also features an extra wide viewing cone and typical contrast, but with a higher on-axis gain of 1.8. XT1800X White performs best where ambient light is controlled but projector brightness is significantly lower than desired. XT1800X White is perfectly suited for active 3D or color combining passive 3D systems, and is ISF certified.

Following the introduction of the first five surfaces, Draper introduced a sixth TecVision product, XT1000X White. This new surface offers a top line option for purists who want a 1.0 white screen, and its very low gloss means it is excellent for edge blending applications. XT1000X White has an extra wide viewing cone and typical contrast. This surface is a prime example of TecVision’s possibilities, and shows one of the ways the line stands head and shoulders above other screen surfaces. It was developed for a specific customer need. The customer wanted the TecVision XT1300X White, but with a 1.0 gain and a much lower gloss level for edge blending. Draper’s chemists got to work and engineered a new screen to this spec.


rAVe Best of Show Award and Government Video Best of Show Award at Infocomm 2014.


Varies with size and formulation.
Draper, Inc.
Draper, Inc., a Spiceland, Ind.-based manufacturer of projection screens, window shades, videoconferencing accessories and gymnasium equipment, celebrated 100 years as a family-owned business in 2002.
The company was founded by Luther O. Draper in 1902 to manufacture window shades for schools, and the company is still owned and managed by Draper's descendants.
In 1957 Draper's grandson, Luther Pidgeon, secured a patent on an inexpensive classroom projection screen, marking Draper's entry into the screen business. Today, projection screens and related products are the largest component of Draper's business. Draper-manufactured products closely related to projection screens include rear projection display systems, video projector mounts and lifts, plasma display mounts, presentation easels and communication support furniture.
In 1989 Draper introduced FlexShade Systems, a second line of window shades designed for the commercial market.
In 1994 Draper entered the gymnasium equipment market. Today, the company's gymnasium equipment products include basketball backstops, gym dividers, wall pads, volleyball equipment, batting cages and wrestling mat hoists.
Draper Inc. is headquartered in Spiceland, Ind., a village of 800 people located 40 miles east of Indianapolis, Ind. In addition to its Spiceland facilities, Draper has manufacturing or sales operations in Placentia, Calif.; Blackwood, Gwent, United Kingdom; Nacka, Sweden; Halmstad, Sweden and Hong Kong. Draper products are shipped to dealers throughout the United States and more than 75 foreign countries.
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