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Jordna Hub
The Jordna Hub enables large facilities and multiple campus buildings to be tied together to a single central control panel in order to provide complete zoning and adjustment control for all facilities from one location. The hub acts as a sophisticated hub that can provide connections for up to four additional campus buildings or facilities or can be connected to additional Jornda Hubs to provide added building connectivity.

Using a Jordna Hub, one can tie together five Cat5E cables using the RJ45 female connectors located on the Jordna Hub. In addition, the Jordna Hub connects each pin to 2 screw terminals for either
injecting or monitoring any pin of any wire connected to the hub. There is one additional LAN connected to 2 screw terminals (in and
out) for a ground connection if needed.

• The hub has one input and four outputs to connect to Spectra i.Net® Operating Platforms or OP’s to branch to various other OP locations in separate buildings or facilities

• Multiple Hubs can be connected to provide clients with almost infinite scalability and capability to meet future growth

• The Jordna hub provides one central control panel to make adjustments to multiple buildings via the network

• Eliminates excessive cable usage (reducing costs) and makes installation easy for multiple buildings
Lencore Acoustics Corp
Lencore Acoustics Corp. offers a full range of products and services that include sound masking products, music and paging, and speech privacy programs. Lencore's SPEC diagnostic software addresses speech privacy, acoustics and can document reasonable safeguards for HIPAA and GLBA compliancy efforts. Lencore is committed to providing energy efficient, sustainable products that meet insdustry standards for speech privacy, federal mandates and the acoustical needs of Fortune 500 companies around the world.
Address: 1 Crossways Park Dr W
City: Woodbury
State: NY
Zip: 11797
Country: United States
Phone: (516) 682-9292
Fax: (516) 682-4785
Website: http://www.lencore.com
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Lencore Acoustics Corp
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