The Fixed table is like one of Michigan’s many bridges—a mindful balance of engineering and artistry. Although it stands out, Fixed becomes one with its environment, more and more as time passes.A standing-height work surface for one or a gathering table for many, Fixed is ideal for people to have quick meetings or take a refreshing break. It’s also extremely adaptable and accommodates wires and cables in the most intuitive way. The combination of steel and wood is really what sets the Fixed table apart—bringing strength and natural elegance into any workspace.Available in a variety of configurations, tabletop options, and organic finishes, the Fixed table is a flexible choice to support your people and elevate your space.


SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified


Starting List $1895


Leland’s new Fixed table was designed to convey visual and physical strength, but also a subtle elegance. The honest expression of steel rails and joints doesn’t hide the table’s engineering, while a top surface of wood or terrazzo adds a warm materiality. A gathering table for teams, or a standing-height work surface for one, Fixed works in many ways, for many people, in many spaces.

A table tends to be the focus of any room it’s in. It becomes an anchor. A destination. Aside from accommodating people, tables at work must also accommodate technology. And that’s what Leland’s new Fixed table does extremely well.

“One of the driving criteria of the table was the considered integration of power” said Justin Burton of 2B Studio, the designer of the Fixed table. “To accomplish this, we made the legs and rails hollow. This allows for the power to be seamlessly routed to the floor without sacrificing the design.”

Today, more and more people are working from home. So why introduce The Fixed table now?
“Offices are being used as more of a touchdown space—a place for people to have quick meetings and break. This is where I think this product excels” said Burton.

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