Boomerang Teleconference Tables

Gold Award
Boomerang™ Video Conference Tables not only have a sleek look in the room, they also compose the shot for the cameras and present data on screens in the ideal position for meeting users with geometry for camera optics and placement of screens and seats. Dressed for the camera, made for comfort. Boomerang™ Video Conference Tables look good from every angle. Modesty panels echo the shape of the top. The angled legs suspend the tops in a way that makes them look like they are flying. That open space serves the comfort of the users, too. There's nothing in the way. Let the video conference begin! Presentation data appears on 16:9 20' displays with genuine flipIT Convertible Workstations. (US Patent No. 7,784,412) Screens flip up for instant use, and are just as quickly put away when not needed in the meeting. Laptops may also be used with flipIT® Laptop Safes. (US Patent No. 7,757,612) When not needed, there is no fumbling around. Laptops are put away quickly and safely so they are out of the way, reducing visual clutter on camera. Boomerang Studio 4: Two screens, two cameras, four seats. Boomerang Studio 6: Three-camera, Three-Screen Telepresence, six seats. The wide body design spreads its wings. Boomerang™ Video Conference Tables have modular design. Each camera composes a 2-shot. For 4 or 6 seats, the result is the telepresence configuration that give multi-sensory cues to make the participants feel that they are sharing the same space. Get a quote by going online to Design support is also available for the asking. Submit a design request at and receive a floor plan to review with your team. There is no cost for this service, and floor plans are provided without obligation to purchase.


SMARTdesks designs and builds technology furniture for each customer —employing mass customization as a business model. This technique permits incremental improvements, instantly conforming to changes in technology and the ever-evolving creative process. Collaborative learning spaces and corporate board rooms are spaces transformed, with originality in design expressed for each customer. SMARTdesks products are manufactured in the USA using Certified Green manufacturing methods and backed by a lifetime Warranty, limited to the original owner.


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