Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling

Platinum Award
The Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling offer a refreshing change to the traditional ceilings in buildings. We noticed an architectural driven trend to de-clutter the ceiling by minimizing the number of fixtures, objects and add-ons on it, creating a cleaner look. OneSpace luminous ceiling integrates LED lights with textile to create a white light ceiling surface that hides the source of light completely. It is an impressive custom sized (free hanging) unit that adheres to the highest fire safety requirements, and also delivers excellent uniform light distribution, contributing greatly to the acoustics of a room. The result is a clutter free ceiling with an amazing light effect. The light becomes the ceiling, the ceiling becomes the light.


The Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling is based on a mesh pattern of white LEDs illuminating a high reflective layer which results in a homogeneous spread of light.
The total solution has a fire class A2-s1-d0 rating, according to EN13501.

Looking at the material use, the panels are mainly made out of aluminum, glass fiber textile, acoustic tiles which all can be recycled. The e-cabinet is mainly steel and electronic components. The system is low voltage using certified LED drivers.

Power consumption: input power setting can range from approx. 10w/m² to 38w/m².
Due to the size of the OneSpace luminous ceiling panels, in many cases there is no need for another ceiling, which reduces the use of other construction materials.

The integration of Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling with a building management system adds additional functionality to it, such as presence detection, dimming (DALI compatible), central switching on/off and time-schedule which could be energy saving.


Winner of the European Aluminium Award 2014.


Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling is a unique proposition for architects to de-clutter ceilings, by minimizing the number of fixtures, objects and add-ons creating a cleaner look and a bolder design statement. The price depends on the dimension (made to measure), mounting and execution of the project. Higher end pricing.


With Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling architects have more freedom to express their vision and move from the “grid” to a custom made solution. OneSpace is a different approach to how light can be used in architecture. It is a lighting system that can be used as a building component instead of being an add-on in space. The ceiling is not often seen as a design element. Now it is transformed into a design statement by this minimalistic ultra-thin panel of light.



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