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InPro Sanparrel Beadboard

Gold Award
A new decorative beadboard pattern on IPC SanparrelTM Rigid Vinyl Sheet gives facilities a unique appearance and durable wall protection. The new product is an extension of the line of IPIC Door and Wall Protection products from InPro Corporation, the nation's leader in architectural products.The beadboard is a good fit for facilities wanting an upscale appearance combined with the durability of proven Sanparrel rigid sheet.The new beadboard is available in 100 colors, 22 Hallmark and 6 Woodland patterns in both .040 and .060 thickness. Color and Hallmark beadboard comes in 4' x 4' and 4' x 8' sheets; Woodland patterns are available in 4' x 4' sheets only.

InPro Corporation operates four major divisions:* IPC Interior Protection Products and Decorative Surfaces* Clickeze Privacy Systems/Soft Goods* JointMaster Engineered Metal Products* SignScape Signage/Wayfinding

S80 W18766 Apollo Drive
Muskego WI 53150
United States
(800) 222-5556
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