Arctic Hewn Stone™

Best of 2020
Arctic Hewn Stone™ provides a crisp white color palette that subtly highlights the rustic texture and crisp, clean lines of this profile to integrate easily with a variety of design styles. As the newest and lightest palette in the profile, Arctic Hewn Stone blends natural, rough texture with fresh color highlights for a timeless look that brightens traditional and contemporary spaces with enduring character and depth.Arctic’s distinctively fair color palette contemporizes an authentic European aesthetic of castle-work with a modern twist for increased design exploration opportunities. Whether applied on an accent wall or as the focal point, Hewn Stone offers an artistically timeworn appearance that lends texture and nuance to any space. Furthering its versatility, Hewn Stone’s inspirational patterns and five unique sizes offer ultimate customization in design.


We strive to meet today's building needs without compromising the future. Cultured Stone veneers are designed to not only beautify spaces but also take care of our shared environment along the way. To that end, our closed-loop recycling system allows us to reuse water during manufacturing, which proves especially important in California's drought-prone environment. This closed-loop system has reduced water consumption by 50 percent since 2006. Additionally, our Regrind & Reuse Program has reduced landfill waste by 80 percent per ton of product since 2009.

Cultured Stone was the first manufacturer to be third-party validated for recycled content, and its stone veneer products are certified through UL Environment to have a minimum average recycled content of 58 percent pre-consumer stream material. In terms of sustainability and usage, Portland cement, which forms the foundation of our aggregate mixture, is one of the most inert building materials in use today.




Varies per project, typically $6-8 per sq. ft.


“Arctic Hewn Stone’s bright color palette brings a fresh approach to the timeless aesthetic of age-old European stonework textures,” said Sarah Lograsso, Director of Marketing. “We’ve seen similarly luminous colors perform well on other profiles, and we believe this will add the perfect contemporary touch for specifiers looking to reimagine the artistic subtleties of color, depth and dimension on an intricately textured surface.”, & is part of Archinterious/ADEX Awards™. All content, graphics are copyright © with publisher. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of publisher is strictly prohibited.
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