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Alamo Freestanding Tub

Best of 2021
The Alamo Freestanding Bathtub is the epitome of luxury. The modern design and ever changing features of the tub and the addition to the size line up, now available in 3 sizes and the ability to color match to anything your heart desires makes this tub versitle.As we continue to build upon our products, adding new features to the tub seemed imperative. Although the Alamo is just a tub, the endless customizations of the features allows the product to adapt to any one person’s taste. One of the newest qualities is the different sizes added. The sizes include 58”, 66” and 70”; the 66” and 70” were new additions just this year. The Alamo can exude luxury even in the tiniest of bathrooms. However, if you choose our new larger sizes, the tub can fit a 6’8” individual comfortably with their legs straight out. In addition to our standard color options we have the ability to color match to fit every decor. It is important to our company to have the ability to have our bathtub in the “in trend” colors of the year. These include Classic Blue, Pantone color of the year, and Naval, the Sherwin Williams color of the year. Additionally, our first light version is Benjamin Moore color of the year. At Hydro Systems, it is imperative that we source the finest materials from which we create our products. And in doing so, we ensured all materials and manufacturing is 100% American made. Our relentless pursuit of perfection has led us to hone and test our processes to proudly introduce HydroLuxe SS™. Representing the latest in eco-friendly performance, this range of seamless, handcrafted solid surface vessels is constructed from a blend of ground natural minerals and the best in man-made composites. Every little detail of this bathtub just begs to be luxuriated in. The Alamo bathtub’s elegant curves give it a classic styling with a modern ergonomical sensibility. Free of any hard edges, the contoured body gives a softness to any bathroom. Each HydroLuxe SS™ bathtub is fully customizable in color and finish, for drop-in and freestanding models spanning the Metro Collection, the STON Collection, and Universal Shower Pans. We offer 16 rich and versatile in-stock colors to get you started on bringing your wildest design dreams to life. The inspiration for our products are found far and wide, especially when it comes to the Alamo Freestanding Bathtub. Presented to the City of San Antonio by the Mexican artist Sebastián, The Torch of Friendship is an abstract public works sculpture that symbolizes the relationship between the United States and Mexico. Depicted as a red torch rising from the ground, the monument is composed of two non-parallel columns rising up together, and intersecting at the apex of the sculpture, like a flame, curling and twisting in complex and interesting ways. Like the sculpture, our product shares a similar fluidity and uniqueness that can only be achieved by planning and devoted thinking, which our company is devoted to each and every day.


Hydroluxe solid surface

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