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Translucent Suspended Stair Treads and Flooring
Translucent stair treads provide light transmission, creating a brighter (and safer) stairway experience. The exaggerted diffusion, in the treads in this installation, was created through the use of a frosted interliner. Texture, on the number one surface of the glass, provides required coefficient of friction. Lamination of glass and interliner thicknesses provides the necessary strength. Many standard, embossed glass textures may be considered. Sizes and shapes may be specified. (Required Credit if used:) Architect ‚¬â€ Hauser Architects, San Francisco CA
UltraGlas Inc
Aesthetic versatility makes UltraGlas® a clever alternative to more "expected" materials. UltraGlas is kiln-formed, embossed architectural glass that is both decorative and functional. This unique, hand-crafted glass is being used in hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise ships, restaurants, museums, health care facilities, offices and high-end residential construction around the world. It is available in hundreds of standard dimensional textures, designs and patterns — and can be custom crafted to complement virtually any theme, motif or color palette. UltraGlas offers a wide range of distinctive solutions for virtually all architectural applications --- horizontal and vertical surfaces; backsplashes; flooring; tile; bar/table/counter/vanity tops; table bases; balustrades; bath/shower enclosures; cabinet doors/lites; frameless doors and door lites; dividers; entries; lighting; mirror frames; partitions; privacy screens; signage; stair treads; thematic walls; accessories; artwork and windows. UltraGlas offers many advantages over other material choices. Its sparkling aesthetic allure and its versatility as a building material, make it a clever and natural alternative to other common products such as stone, metal, wood and concrete. UltraGlas can help to create thematic continuity by incorporating theme elements into its design — and can do so across multiple applications. It meets all codes for safety glass and, although it is highly tactile, requires very little maintenance. UltraGlas can be made into insulated glass units to meet thermal and sound barrier requirements. Since it is formed by heat, not abrasion, it is non-absorbent and non-abrasive. UltraGlas can be produced in many glass colors with a wide variety of finish options also available. In opaque applications, such as cladding or as an unusual surface finish, in slab or tile form, UltraGlas can custom match virtually any color palette. It may be bent, for “curved glass” applications, such as in showers and may be laminated for flooring, ceilings and stair treads. To learn more about UltraGlas, please visit or contact Jane Skeeter, CEO, UltraGlas Inc., at 1.800.777.2332
Address: 9200 Gazette Ave
City: Chatsworth
State: CA
Zip: 91311
Country: United States
Phone: (818) 772-7744
Fax: (818) 772-8231
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