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Alien 05 Stem Mount

Gold Award
The Alien 05 stem mount is a variant of the Alien 05 recessed color changer. Designed as a surface mounted fixture with a die cast aluminium casing, it is available in two stem lengths - 150mm and 600mm. The Alien 05 stem mount is suited to background washlighting in retail, restaurants, cafés, and other low ambient light applications. Its unique properties are well expressed by an individual design that means this fixture adapts well to the style-conscious world of retail. The mounting base has been designed to be either surface mounted or concealed behind ceiling tiles and includes an electronic low-voltage transformer so the only additional requirements are line voltage and data signal. Its rotatable, tiltable head is easy to aim and can be locked in position. The Alien 05 stem mount performs identically to the recessed version and therefore they are ideal in combined configurations. Sleek and stylish, they offer a wide palette of replaceable tints (8 dichroic color filters) along with the possibility of slow, smooth fading and fast changes. Color and intensity can be controlled for various color presets and even color sequences. A 50-watt MR-16 Philips lamp is included with the fixture. All versions in the Alien 05 Series are controlled with the Alien 05 driver either via DMX, stand-alone, or the dedicated operator panel, the Oracle. With the Alien 05 driver unit it is possible to connect a total of up to 24 Aliens on 6 independent driver outputs. Each output can take up to 4 Aliens for synchronous operation. Furthermore, a narrow beam Fresnel lens is available as an accessory to the Alien 05 Series. Designed for longer throw applications, its narrow 34° angle allows for higher beam intensity. The standard issue diffuser lens by comparison has a wide field angle of 54 °., & is part of Archinterious/ADEX Awards™. All content, graphics are copyright © with publisher. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of publisher is strictly prohibited.
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